Dark Strives and Full Moon Vibes, Available Now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Mystery 9 Media Expands Into Other Genres with An All NEW collection of 45 poems. 

We are proud to be able to expand our publishing efforts with a new title outside of our normal niches. 

Dark Strives and Full Moon Vibes is now available as a Kindle Ebook for 2.99 or read it with a kindle unlimited subscription. In time we will be publishing more poetry and fiction.



The Verde River

The mist lifted and slithered
over the Verde river
an owl hooted
and flew across the dark sky.
The moon cast a shadow over the water
as I lay in a patch of grass
watching the bats glide across the sky.
I listened to the water
I felt the cold wind blowing across my face.

The Dinner

There was a man eating a dinner of ham
with his dear, dear friend whose name is Sam.
Sam looked at his friend and said
“This ham is so good”
I feel dead.
This is too good to be real even though it used to be Pam.


Mike, Mike
strange student of stray’s
cute, curious, cruel, cub
un-caring, un-exceeding, un-trusted

He gets mad easily
Mike had a bad mouth too.
He was always likely to leave you crying.
You could always count on Mike too. 
He’s confusing.

He is confusing
It’s really lonely
This poem rocks!

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