New Technology That Could Arrive In 2020

This past decade has certainly been ten years packed full of innovative and life-changing technological developments. It's mindblowing to think that, only ten years ago, we were marveling at the brand new iPhone 3G with its choice of two colors and data capabilities. Now, we have robot assistants such as Alexa, and an Internet vaster than we could have ever imagined ten years ago. So, as we look to 2020 and the new decade, the question on everyone's mind is: what's next?

One of the most apparent answers appears to be the emergence of 5G. Whilst this ultra-fast generation of wireless has already been somewhat deployed in 2019, it is forecast to spread thick and fast in the new year. It is safe to say that, soon, we can look forward to high-quality streaming, snapping, and surfing wherever we go thanks to 5G.

It seems we might also be looking towards an electric-car revolution. Overly exorbitant electric-cars may start to become a thing of the past in 2020, as more companies realize the importance of becoming environmentally conscious. It seems that, as we humans learn more about the planet, technology adjusts itself to present new opportunities and innovative ideas to help us out. Keep an eye out for cheaper alternatives to gas in the new year!

Something which may be emerging onto the tech scene in the revolutionary blast is the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. Could it be that, soon, robotic assistants will be able to dispense medication according to a patient's needs? And if that didn't sound far fetched enough, scientists are in talks to develop an AI that can choose a medication that tailors itself specifically to each person's requirements with no human input. What might seem far-fetched and futuristic seems to be approaching us, and 2020, at a rapid speed.

We could also be seeing the debut of revolutionary 3D cameras in 2020. Though cameras that can compose a 3D image already exist, there are strong hints that suggest 2020 may see the release of a relatively cheap, ingenious camera, that turns your everyday snaps into Instagrammable three-dimensional gifs.

Finally, there is no doubt that we will be seeing social media and streaming platforms integrate and ingrain itself into our everyday lives even more in 2020. Love it or hate it, social media and streaming are here to stay, and we will most likely see the lanching of new platforms and sites in 2020.

Scientific and technological breakthroughs are happening every day, and at an alarming, incredible rate. Just look at how far the iPhone has come! There will likely be a time where we look at these incredible new advancements and laugh at how rudimentary they seem. Truly, there is no predicting the advancements we will make in technology over the next ten years, but the next twelve months certainly looks promising.