Poltergeists And Angry Ghosts

The word poltergeist is derived from the German "polter" - noise and "geist" - ghost. It means "noisy spirit"

This term is commonly used to describe cases in which there appear spontaneous logically impossible to explain physical phenomena that suggest their relationship with the paranormal.
The most common phenomena are:
  • opening or closing windows and doors; 
  • throwing objects, e.g. stones, glasses; 
  • switching on electrical devices; 
  • sounds of blows, breaks, and cracks; 
  • imitations of sounds e.g. crying, moaning.  
  • mechanical damage to objects; 
  • flooding of rooms.
According to traditional beliefs, the perpetrators of all the confusion and all events related to the poltergeist are evil spirits and even demons. It is they who choose the young man as a sacrifice and act through him. They were explained as attempts to contact stray souls with living people in order to complete earthly affairs, pass on information, or free themselves from the complexities that arose during life on earth.