Devices of the Future

Technology keeps impressing us and moving forward at incredible speed.

2020 will already see 5G technology being implemented in many countries around the World.
As over-the-air networks go up to incredible speeds, businesses and technology will have to keep up with it. One of the most obvious applications is connecting mobility solutions. Cars will have more technology that includes and depends on its wireless internet connection. The way your car will interact with its surroundings and your personal devices will change considerably. We are hoping for more efficient and safe autonomous driving experiences in more models in 2020.

Mobility is a great deal. 2020 will see many of the bigger car manufacturers offering electric car models, as well as improvements regarding faster charging times, expanded autonomy, and more affordable prices.

The fuel cell technology will keep making an appearance and change the way we think about mobility, with a couple more models and more reliable hydrogen infrastructure in highly developed countries.

This technology will definitely be applied to other means of transportation with ships and aircraft already looking into electrification advances.

Energy production in the future will go greener and cheaper. Solar Panels will become more affordable, Governments will tend to support its Citizens more in adopting an energetic transition. 2020 should see more sustainable energy options that arise in the market.

Mobile Phones will still keep defining our consumer electronics. Better cameras, bigger batteries, foldable screens and a constant flow of better offers from Chinese markets means better prices overall on one of the most competitive and tech-savvy markets of all. The mobile devices of the future are expected to be more connected to our daily needs and assist us to achieve more.

AI is still in its early days but slowly entering our lives. As your home appliances start "coming to life" with AI, you'll start to communicate more effectively with your electronics to make your life more sustainable and relaxing. In the future, you'll never run out of milk.

Virtual Reality is already widely available but many are still suspicious about its application in our daily lives. Whether you use it for immersive entertainment - games, movies, sports - or more specific technical tasks such as medical surgery, the adoption of this expanded reality format will keep making an impact on our lives at a steady pace.

Remote Work will change the way we think about earning a living. With more options available than ever to ensure an income without actually having to leave the house, people can think about moving to less stressful and more relaxing parts of a Country, building their own schedule at the same time they cut the costs and difficulties of big City centers.

Drones will change the way we think about logistics. Getting your order in a matter of minutes/hours instead of days delivered in timed precision will be something we accept as natural. In that same direction, Drones will also start getting other uses for police, military, and surveillance scenarios.

These are devices of the future that already exist widely, but which capacities are still slowly coming to use on more commercial and governmental tasks.

2020 will see all this technology developing to a better, more reliable state. If for one it's still hard to imagine dozens of drones flying over our streets or fuel cell cars parked in our driveway, we can already do the effort to adopt more sustainable technology to power our ever-growing technological homes. AI will assist us in getting some things right, saving us time and perhaps money as it will help us achieve the potential of our homes and schedule. As remote work and VR grows, we may start rethinking if we need to live in a small flat in a big city or if we should consider moving to the countryside and work from home.