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It's been months since our last post here at, rest assure we are still working on new projects and writing. Most of our attention has been focused towards our paranormal group North Florida Mystery Trackers and it's site In the process of this, we have unfortunately neglected our media label Mystery 9 Media.

Our goal is to build up Mystery 9 Media as a paranormal publishing label. We have already released two publications and a handful of articles on

This year, we are planning on releasing another book (Maybe even two books) and building up content right here on A book about sleep paralysis is already underway and will of course be published by Mystery 9 Media. (Book details to come)

In the mean time, check out some of the articles we already have published. You can also browse our publications here.

At the moment we only have two books published, "FEARING DEATH: AN ESSAY" and "VOICES OF THE DEAD"

Mystery 9 media was founded by paranormal researchers from North Florida Mystery Trackers for the sole purpose of publishing paranormal content based on the theories and experiences of the researchers. We hope to expand and sign other non-fictional paranormal writers. This includes the vast paranormal community of researchers and investigators.


There are so many theories and experiences out there and we want to here them all and we want to share them with the world.

Over the last eight years we have been researching and investigating the paranormal in and out. Been to a ton of paranormal hot spots around Florida and as a group we will keep up with our research and investigative work. With our knowledge on a vast range of topics, we see great value in our research.

Over the next few days we will be working on our about page, you can expect to see this page on by next week.

Stay tune to for further updates.       


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Mysterious And Ghostly Places In India

Ghosts are spirits of the dead which continue to haunt us still because of unfinished business or for some other reason. They are scary. The mere idea of a ghost even if it's a family member lurking beneath the walls of our house gives me goosebumps all over.

Here is a list of mysterious and ghostly places in India.


Mysterious Encounters of Everyday Life

"I'd rather be a dysfunctional soul than a well adjusted robot."
- Thomas Moore

It seems these days that we want to understand, explain and find a use for everything we encounter. If we get stuck, we can find an answer on Google or some other search engine. Often we become so involved in the practical that we completely miss most of the little delights along our life path. This seems especially true of things which have no easy explanation.

At the end of the day, many people add up what they have accomplished since they got out of bed. I wonder how many people count the little delights which have passed their way during the day. If you become too busy with the practical, you will most likely miss the fanciful.

So what? The question is what your life is for. What is its meaning? If you just count what you accomplish in a day, you have a list at the end of the day and start a new one the next day. But there is more to life if you allow it into your awareness. I am talking abou…

The Advanced Technology of 2025

The advancement in technology in the past few years has been nothing short of staggering. Machines are increasingly taking over our daily lives, and things that must have seemed impossible to our parents are now a vivid reality. The day may not be far when we wake up in, say the year 2025, and find that magical and psychic powers that were once found only in science-fiction and fantasy movies have become a reality.

Mind-controlled machines: Imagine being able to control mechanical and electronic devices with just a thought. Electric signals from your brain will be conducted by electrodes to external devices, activating them and allowing them to perform actions, simply by your thoughts, without any touch.

Telepathy: People with electrodes implanted in them may be able to transmit their thoughts as electric signals to each other thereby allowing telepathic communication or silent talk between people. This technology could find massive appeal in a battlefield scene where soldiers will b…