A Ghost In My Living Room

Paranormal encounters might happen to anyone out there. A lot of people have experienced these types of encounters, and I will tell you one that happened to me when I was a kid.

I was 7 and had a bad earache. I wanted to tell Mom about it right away, so I walked out of the room in no time. Then, I saw someone who was just sitting on the living room table. This happened just a couple of feet away from my beautiful bedroom. I noticed that this ghost looked rather weird with her face somewhat distorted. The room was truly dark and I was not able to see very well, so I was not able to tell the figure apart.

I screamed right away upon seeing this figure almost in front of me.

The person, or ghost, just shook her head, and I just started to feel really scared. My Mom was approaching the scene while the ghost was shaking her head again. I thought that the best thing to do in such a case was to go back to my bedroom so I did not have to walk past this ghost or person again. I just climbed in my bed petrified because of the ghost I just saw in my living room. She was just nodding like crazy and smiling madly. But when Mom appeared in the scene, she disappeared.

These kinds of paranormal encounters might happen to anyone. This encounter did not change my life, however, it makes me think of death and what may come after. You need to think about your mortality so you can find more ways of living your life to it's fullest potential on Earth in your lifespan. Think about it and you will become a better person over time too.