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Could artificial intelligence be the demise of mankind?

As our world grows more on advancing our technology, one could only ask when is it enough. Our generation is already in the process of seeing the transformation of mankind becoming more consumed by the technology that we think makes our lives better, and of course it does make life on earth easier when it comes to learning, working or just sharing your thoughts with millions at the click of a button.

But how much longer will we be in control of the things we create and develop? We are beginning to see more talks of advancements in artificial intelligence. For those of you who are unfamiliar with artificial intelligence, This is a form of technology that thinks for it self with very little to no human interaction. Today it is mostly used in computer software to filter out spam, collect data, track website traffic and much more. This form of artificial intelligence may not be the downfall of mankind, but it's when we expand the general concept into other machines like that of robots that may have more of a psychical interaction with humans, however not an interaction that we are in control of but instead one that could very well control us.

At some point it is assumed that most of the world's machines will be implemented with some form of artificial intelligence, from the banking and ATM systems to robots and perhaps even the satellites we have in orbit above the earth. It's scary to think that one day our entire life and the very existence of mankind could fully be dependent on how a computer might or might not run. 

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